30 March - 14 April 2022

Red Gallery - 157 St Georges Rd Fitzroy North

Brouchure image.jpg


Manifesting from biological patterns and natural asymmetrical lineation, Tannia Taranto’s EVOLUTION series is an abstract reaction to the organic environment. From the spinal structure of sea urchins to the cavities created by geode rocks, to the timing of tree ring configurations and root systems, these sculpted relief works unify segments of the land and sea. After a process of experimentation, Tannia was led to the utilisation of plaster as the series’ medium, as both a homage to her father’s trade profession and reflection of her attraction to architectural and interior design.


Through the merging of monochromatic colour palettes, texturised linework and a labyrinth of intricate motifs, the series renders tones of immersion and intrigue, and generates a stimulating sensory appeal. While integrating artistic complexity, each work utilises a polarising minimalistic approach.


Artwork purchases can be made directly with the TANNIA TARANTO