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Sculptured mixed media plaster on board, framed in painted Tasmanian Oak.

Dimensions 120cm (h) x 80cm (w) x 4cm (d) artwork

Colour - Porters Paint 'Bayleaf'

Ready to hang


My inspiration for these droplet formations came from sea urchins. The droplets are intricately intertwined between alternating flowing lines inspired by the natural creation of tree ring patterns and geode rock cavities, bringing together the land and the sea.


It’s about texture, patterns, interaction, depth and lighting.

The result: Organic, minimalist, contemporary and makes a statement.


Each piece of the EVOLUTION series comes with a Certificate of Authenticity.



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    Additional charges apply for interstate and international deliveries. 


  • Commissions

    Commissions of this size are available upon email request. Select email icon near artwork title

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