Tannia Taranto

Tannia Taranto is a self-taught contemporary artist working and living in Melbourne, Australia.

Tannia has a passion for art which she has used to turn personal encounters into imaginative and inventive artwork.  Having worked for a number of years as a Graphic Artist/Producer in the television industry and currently in IT administration, it was a suggestion from a friend that motivated Tannia to submit a piece of her work to a charity fundraising event.  Her art was so well received that this occasion changed her artistic direction and inspired her to realise the significance of her work.    


Much of Tannia’s work is inspired by the world of fashion and nude photography; finding to balance the rawness and power of the female body with a sophisticated and aesthetic portrayal.  Tannia purposefully limits the use of colour in her work to evoke an emotion or mood. Her composition uses a limited palette of black, white and a selected colour to capture the beauty and strength of the female form. 

In addition to her drawing and painting Tannia has recently ventured into abstract art and her new collection of homewares, to free herself from detail and to experiment with other mediums; taking inspiration from nature, architecture and interior design.


Tannia has her family and friends to thank, insisting she pursue her art and take it to the next level.  “I have so much to learn and be inspired by and I can’t wait to see where this journey takes me…so the best way to predict my future is to create it!”



in.cube8r Gallery and Emporium 

Group exhibition - Lights Camera Fashion

(5 June - July 1)

TAM Virtual Group exhibition -

Melbourne International Flower & Garden Show 

(March - April)



The Vines cafe

TAM group exhibition - Full Circle

(Nov 1 - Dec 30)


TAM group exhibition - Into the Blue

(May 1 - May 27)

in.cube8r Gallery and Emporium 

TAM group exhibition - Suburban Oasis

(April 26 - May 14)

Melbourne International Flower & Garden Show 

TAM group exhibition - Flora & Fauna

(March 27-31)


  TAM: Contrast - group exhibition (Oct-Nov)

  The Art Cabriolet hosted by Bromley&Co Art Auction: Loaded Brush & Gravel (Sept)

  RAW Melbourne: Connect - group exhibition (June)



  The Bethlehem Community: Homework Art Auction (Jun 2012)

  The Art Cabriolet: Diamonds in a Box Art Auction (May 2012)


  ThouArtMum (TAM) - A network of female artists in NE Melbourne

Melbourne & Victorian Artists (MAVA)



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